Customizing a United Colors of Naples poster is very simple.
You can choose your favorite phrase or song, but also the color you prefer.
Remember that the United Colors of Naples posters are colored by hand, with chalcographic or
lineographic inks, et cetera. With anything suitable for coloring, actually! We use Cartiere
Fedrigoni papers, to be precise 390 grams Acquerello paper.

As already said, customization is very fast. Just click on CUSTOMIZE from this product, or any
other poster, as shown in the figure:



After clicking on CREATE YOUR POSTER, this window will open:



From this window, after choosing the format, you can type the phrase (you have a maximum of
4 lines available for approximately 35 characters per line). Obviously, it can also be fewer line and fewer characters. If you want a longer phrase that perhaps doesnt fit in the form, contact
me via whatsapp at +39 392 1629364 or via email at, we will
discuss it together.


  • First of all, as I told you, you have to choose the size: A4 (21x29.7 cm /8.27 x 11.69 inches) 35x50 cm (13.78 x 19.69 inches) 50x70 cm (19.69 x 27.56 inches), 70x100 cm: (27.56 x 39.37 inches



Let's pretend that the song is Here Comes the Sun, by the great Beatles: write the text in the form.

Easy, right? :)

Once you have chosen the phrase, you can choose the color. If you keep scrolling, under
Choose your color, you will find this palette chosen by us and continuously updated.

The Poster is already set to cyan, but you can change the color. If you want a blue, click on the
square you like best, and the poster will become like this. Lets pretend that for this phrase you
want a MAGENTA:


For coloring you can choose between a flat color or a gradient color. By the way, you can also choose two colors by clicking on the option.

(Didnt you find the color you were looking for? Do you have a different coloring technique in
mind, or do you have other specific requests? Write your specific request in the form)


Once you have checked the phrase and chosen the color, add the poster to the cart and your
United Colors of Naples poster will be ready to be purchased. Your customized poster will be
directly sent to our management system which will take charge of your order.

As I already told you, your United Colors of Naples poster is colored by hand with the utmost
care and all the possible love. Your poster is a unique and unreplicable product, and it will
always be different from another poster, even with the same phrase, United Colors of Naples.

If you have problems or simply want to ask us something, call or send a whatsapp at
+39 392 1629364.

Thanks again, and see ya soon!
Gix/art @unitedcolorsofnaples


Inizia Subito