Poster There are things, Gianni Rodari

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dimension A4 (21x29.7)(


handmade Poster There are things, Gianni Rodari

Color Lavender of Provence :-)

There are things that should never be done, neither by day nor by night, neither by sea nor by land: for example war

La casa dei matti is the new collection of handmade posters for girls and boys of all ages. Color his room with some of the most beautiful and significant phrases, a little help for the growth and awareness of the little ones, a poster to always have before his eyes, a little above his heart


UNITED COLORS OF NAPLES Posters are totally customizable. You can choose the text, the phrase or the song and the color. The technique will obviously be manual: the color will be treated by hand with inks, paints, rollers and brushes. For customization you have 5 available lines and 20 characters per line.

You can customize EASILY your poster here .

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Available in formats:

  • A4
  • cm35x50
  • cm50x70.
  • cm70x100 

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