Technical specifications

United Colors Of Naples, specifications.

The Product is printed by hand with colors and paints, using brushes, rollers, matrices, movable typographical characters and anything else ANALOG suitable for typographical impression.

The paper used is from Cartiere Fedrigoni, unless otherwise indicated, it is a 350 gr /mq.

The product, the creation is created at the time of the order: from the moment of the order itself, it takes 7 days for production. For personalized posters up to 10 days. The order will then be prepared and shipped. In case it is a gift subject to date, please contact me before placing the order, to avoid problems and unpleasant situations.

The Posters are colored by hand, they do not have a technological precision but an "artisanal" precision. The colors are flat or "made on purpose" with intentional technical defects (brushstrokes, color stains, spatula strokes, etc.).

The product does not include a frame.

The product may appear different than when viewed on digital media, such as computers, telephones and the like.




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