malafemmena totò united colors of naples poster
malafemmena totò united colors of naples poster
malafemmena totò united colors of naples poster
malafemmena totò united colors of naples poster

The Words of Naples / MalaFemmena

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Dimension A4 [21x30cm]


Poster Malafemmina, Antonio de Curtis

One of the most beautiful Neapolitan songs, and not only that, ever. Written by the great in 1951 on the occasion of the Piedigrotta competition. It was assigned to Mario Abbate who recorded it on a Vis Radio record. It was later brought to success by Giacomo Rondinella and Antonio Basurto.

The version played by Teddy Reno in the 1956 film Totò, Peppino e la Malafemmina was incredibly successful.

The song, written in Neapolitan during a stay at the Miramare hotel in Formia, speaks in dramatic terms of a thwarted love for a bad woman , who in this case takes on the meaning of a fascinating and painful woman , almost insensitive, evil, indifferent to the pain of love that he inflicts on his lover.

Who the true muse of the song Malafemmena was became known decades later thanks to the statements of Liliana de Curtis, the author's daughter. For a long time it was believed that Malafemmena had been written for the actress Silvana Pampanini, who Totò had met on the set of 47 Dead Who Talks and who had rejected his offer of marriage.

Liliana de Curtis stated that the song was actually written for her mother, Diana Rogliani, Totò's wife, as can also be seen from the dedication attached to the lyrics of the song deposited by the author with the SIAE: To Diana.

His wife Diana would have been guilty of having broken a promise that the spouses had exchanged: even if officially separated they had agreed to live together in the same house and also share the bed as engaged couples until their daughter Liliana reached her eighteenth birthday; this in fact granted the man Totò a situation of considerable advantage while his ex-wife Diana a position of subservience also due to having to suffer infidelities on the part of her husband: after yet another betrayal Diana instead left Totò to marry the lawyer Michele Tufaroli.

Limited Edition, N°20 copies

Handmade with love.

A word, a song, a color. A memory, a concert, the first time you saw each other, met. Words to love, words to say, or the words you can't say. The color of that night, of his eyes, of his skin.

Signed, numbered and dated, Number of copies available 20


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Posters Bad woman, Antonio de Curtis, Totò.

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