The Ladle in the Sink, Naples by day, by night and when it happens / Gix

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The Ladle in the Sink, Naples by day, by night and whenever it happens.

Here, this is my book.

In reality it's a bit of everyone, because ultimately it talks about many things that you are more or less there too, someone in particular, someone a little less.

This is a book that happens at night, during the day. Especially at night.

It's a book that happens when you meet, when you see, when you do all those things that you end up losing. In other eyes, in other hands that are not his, in other places.

A book that you take, that you leave, that takes you and then leaves you and you never feel it again.

Just like any event that happens to you while perhaps doing something else.

This is my book, a kind of book that can happen to you.

Suddenly, though.


Gix Musella, Naples 1976.

Gemini, year of the Dragon, a shy dragon though.

He lives and works in the heart of Naples, in the courtyard of an ancient residence, Palazzo Diomede Carafa (known as 'o Palazzo da capa do Cavallo ) in Via San Biagio dei librai, 121.

Since he was a boy, Gix fell in love with the art of printing, colors and papers, among typographers, linotypists and colourists.

And then, in the middle, unionGraphics, with two sacred monsters, Gaetano Gravina and Vincenzo Bergamene. Again, later, China and a tea shop, Yunnan and other facts around the world.

Very beautiful.

Two shows of children, and a happy ex-marriage, after all.

Then, once again the typography, the inks and the paper, United Colors of Naples and now another magic, the writing with Il ladle in the sink, the first book of short stories, which in reality are facts, which happen to you , just while you were doing something else.

Suddenly, though.

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