Diego Armando Maradona, Naples 5 July 1984

One of the most beautiful photos of Diego Armando Maradona by Luciano Ferrara
poster format with graphic [cast] interventions.

5 July 1984, a historic date: Maradona lands in Naples. It is the arrival of the Messiah of football, the one who will bring the championship to the Gulf.
Luciano Ferrara, a Neapolitan photojournalist, is at the San Paolo stadium for the presentation of the Argentine champion and will begin to take some photographs that will soon become iconic.
This previously unpublished photograph was taken during the press conference to present Diego Armando Maradona: the pibe de oro's first time in Naples, in what would later become his stadium.

Luciano Ferrara, Photojournalist

The story of Luciano Ferrara takes place in the Seventies, he follows the youth bodies protesting between Naples and the world, between the movements of those years and the "no global", the bodies of workers, the factories and the unemployed, with the aim to do "counter-information", synthesize the motion, the action, the scene in the instant synthesis of a single shot.

Numbered and Signed Poster Work

Poster work format 50x70


ph. by Luciano Ferrara

Graphic intervention with inks, chalcographic press and old typographical characters by Gaetano Gravina.

Fedrigoni Old Mill Premium White paper 300gr

The first series is 10 copies.

The Graphic Designer, Gaetano Gravina

Neapolitan artist and graphic designer.
He founded Union Graphics, curating, as art director,
institutional and non-institutional campaigns and is the author of coordinated images
corporate and events.
He never abandons pictorial research (participating in collective exhibitions and
personal) experience which, indeed, pours into the world of visual communication.
For some years he has also dedicated himself to writing, publishing various short stories and three novels.

Each poster is a unique work.


Each poster is a work in itself, outside of seriality, due to the direct artistic interventions that give it character and uniqueness.
First Series 10 copies numbered and signed by the photographer.

Luciano Ferrara and Diego Armando Maradona

"It was July 5, 1984, Maradona's presentation. I wasn't involved in sports, I was reporting. But if Diego arrives and works on the city, you have to go to the stadium, if it's important news you have to be there. And this wasn't important, it was a bomb. I barely knew who he was but I rushed. We had no idea how and when he would arrive, they told us he would arrive by helicopter, we were waiting for him maybe with a parachute, we couldn't have known at the San Paolo three hours before his arrival.
The stadium was different from what we see today.
At precisely 5pm on that magnificent 5th July 1984, everything is ready for the press conference scheduled at the San Paolo, which experiences an unexpected unscheduled event when Ferlaino dismisses the French journalist Alian Chaillou, who had linked the purchase of the Argentine with the Camorra money. And it is precisely this that causes the Argentinian to have that expression of surprise and curiosity captured by Luciano Ferrara.
But not even such an event can ruin the day marked in red on the calendar of Napoli's history. At 6.30 pm, Diego's head appears from the stairs of the San Paolo. It's not clear whether it's more the emotion of having him there or the heat that makes everyone present sweat, but, in any case, it's a unique sensation.
Then that microphone in your hands and those ten words, a never random number: "Good evening Neapolitans, I am very happy to be with you". The voice betrays a bit of embarrassment for him too, who perhaps never would have expected such a welcome. But the emotion is put aside when someone hands him the ball: seven dribbles and a kick towards the sky, which, and whoever was there will be able to testify to this, had never been so blue.
It's the very beginning of the most beautiful fairy tale.

Era de Maggio, Work Poster Diego Armando Maradona

The beginning of the most beautiful fairy tale, on the wall of your home.