A golden lighter and C.

Un accendino Dorato e C.
A golden lighter, kind of with glitter, like.
A golden lighter, with some glitter, reminds me and will always remember C.
Those facts that one steals the other's lighter which, in its futility, becomes a very nice and, why not, a little unforgettable fact.
C., I have to tell the truth, she was really beautiful, but very, very beautiful.
I believe, moreover, that it still is, in fact I'm sure of it.
AND it's not just a matter of beauty.
Because C. is also a girl, I would say a woman, and not by age, intelligent and not at all obvious.
With C. it was very nice, then I made a huge mistake.
But I was, and still am, at the beginning of this new umpteenth life of mine.
My movements of revolution and evolution ruined everything, but perhaps moving forward could have been worse.
I would say yes.
And not to be cool, I'm not, on the contrary.
Then, Beautiful Evenings, with C.
Then it was a very slow process, not at all obvious.
But much.
Her, above all.
I'm very sorry, especially because it wasn't really me, and in reality it still isn't me.
But I would like to ring C. and go there and spend a night just apologizing.
The groom has gone crazy or has been drinking.
Poster Alice, De gregori.
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