Trio Poster Offset / Lucio Dalla / Luigi Tenco / Lucio Battisti

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Make your home a #refuge of style and personality with our exclusive offer: a set of three two-color printed Offset posters #pantone on 290 gram fedrigoni tatami paper: Lucio Dalla, Cara, Lucio Battisti, and I think of you, Luigi Tenco, I fell in love with you . Three authors, the best of Italian songs in 50x70 format.

Three posters, three colours, for your home or for a couple of nice gifts, perhaps for next Christmas or so, whenever you want, to make someone happy who, perhaps, you love, at least a little.

Offer detail:

  • poster size 50x70 / Cara, Lucio Dalla / Pantone 2035 C
  • poster size 50x70 / I fell in love with you, Lucio Dalla / Pantone p7-8 C
  • poster size 50x70 / And I think of you, Lucio Battisti / Pantone p114-14 C

Total cost, 69 euros (instead of 117) + 10% discount on the entire order.

Free shipping in Italy, limited time offer. Frame not included.