What are those numbers under the United Colors of Naples posters?

Since I started this new adventure, made of words, songs, music, and color, one of the questions I have often been asked is
What are those numbers and letters on the United Colors of Naples posters?"
Et voilà :)
Poster United Colors of Naples Gix Musella Poster Napoli Songs
The speech could be long, it could get into extreme technicalities, but I will try, I will do my best to be quick, clear, and comprehensive.
The Letters: 𝗖 𝗠 𝗬 𝗞:
(𝗖) Cyan /
(𝗠) Magenta /
(𝗬) Yellow /
(𝗞) Key.
Ok for 𝗖; ok for 𝗠; 𝗬 is also fine but what the h*ll is 𝗞ey?
𝗞ey=(key: it is the term used in typography to define black to avoid confusion with blue for the first two letters and the B with a heck of a lot of other colors. According to others, it could instead refer to the last letter of BLAC𝗞.
Poster United Colors of Naples Gix Musella Poster Napoli Songs
The 𝗖 𝗠 𝗬 𝗞. it's simply a color method used both in painting and in modern offset printing.
Leaving aside, at least for the moment, that the 𝗖𝗠𝗬𝗞 color method is a "subtractive" one, the numbers next to the 𝗖𝗠𝗬𝗞 letters indicate the parts of the individual colors necessary to produce the final color.
For example, simplifying, a Full (or flat) Yellow color will be like this:
𝗖:0 / 𝗠:0 / 𝗬:100 𝗞:0;
beautiful Red:
𝗖:0 / 𝗠:100 / 𝗬:100 𝗞:0;
Holland-type Orange:
𝗖:0 / 𝗠:70 / 𝗬:100 𝗞:0;
A light, clean, sky blue:
𝗖:100 / 𝗠:0 / 𝗬:10 𝗞:0;
And so on.
The set of colors produced by a particular color method is called 𝗚𝗔𝗠𝗨𝗧.
But this is another story :)
Have a nice day!


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