The Words of Naples / i' te vurria vasà

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Dimension A4 [21x30cm]


Poster Io te vurria vasà, music: Eduardo Di Capua Vincenzo Russo.

I' Te Vurría vasà [one of the most beautiful and famous Neapolitan songs] originates from the author Vincenzo Russo's unhappy love for Enrichetta Marchese. The union between the penniless poet and the girl, daughter of a jeweler, was strongly opposed by her family, despite Russo's love being reciprocated. The verses, composed at the end of 1899 by Russo, were set to music between 1 and 2 January 1900 by Eduardo Di Capua, famous author of "O Sole Mio", as well as a dear friend of Russo. Presented at the "The Round Table" competition, Io te vurria vasà  was not immediately successful, arriving only second ex aequo. In the following years, however, the song had great diffusion, and was interpreted by numerous Neapolitan, Italian and international artists.

Like many Neapolitan songs, having gone beyond the limits of light and popular music, Io te vurria vasà  it has also been included in the repertoire of well-known exponents of classical music including Enrico Caruso, Tito Schipa, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Josè Carreras, Luciano Pavarotti.

The lyrics of the song, of great delicacy, describe a moment of intimacy between two lovers. The scene is that of a hollyhock-scented garden, just before dawn, crossed by a gust of wind. The poet watches over his sleeping woman, torn between the desire to wake her up with a kiss and the lack of courage necessary to break that moment of enchantment. With no company other than his own thoughts, the poet is struck by moments of jealousy and doubt about who is at the center of his beloved's dreams; immediately overwhelmed by love and the desire to kiss her and also find peace in sleep.


HandmadePoster Io te vurria vasà, red color but very red.

Handmade with love.

A word, a song, a color. A memory, a concert, the first time you saw each other, met. Words to love, words to say, or the words you can't say. The color of that night, of his eyes, of his skin.


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Poster Io te vurria vasà, music: Eduardo Di Capua Vincenzo Russo.

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