Poster Nina Dolce Amore, Fabio Concato

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Poster Nina Dolce Amore, [variation from] Sexy Tango, Fabio Concato

Hi Nina!
Welcome to this strange world of ours!
One, I think, of your very nice new aunt or, perhaps, a friend of mum and dad's has asked me to make you a little welcome gift, perhaps to hang in your new little room!
You will be surprised, I know, how wonderful but also how difficult this world can be!
Discovery after discovery, tooth after tooth, word after word and after small steps that will become beautiful walks, you will discover that it will truly be worth it!
And this little picture, I really hope, can give you the strength to be kind and have a lot of courage, to face, fight and enjoy to the fullest your splendid life that has just begun, day after day, with a simple look.
Nina, sweet love, you'll see, it will be fantastic! Signed, numbered and dated.

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Poster Nina Dolce Amore, Sexy Tango, Fabio Concato

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