How are UNITED COLORS OF NAPLES posters packaged and shipped?

After this mid-August delirium, and I'll tell you the truth, I absolutely didn't expect all these requests, shipments resume with a certain regularity.

I avoided sending during the August holiday to avoid chaos and delirium (chaos and delirium that promptly occurred with the posters sent precisely on those days).

I thought a lot about the packaging, and honestly, I'm aware of the fact that the first shipments started out a little "sluggish".

I didn't want, or rather, I never thought of packaging as something industrial, the same, for all posters. I would have liked to have, to give, something different and always different, for every work, poster.

Something that already when in the hands of the postman, was different and at least a little colorful.

So I said to myself, "invented", a recycled pressed cardboard folder, the very same cardboard that I use as a base when I color posters. So many posters, so many colours, so many stains, so much strength. The result is chaotic, colourful, but sometimes symmetrical and homogeneous.

United Colors of Naples poster

Other times a cosmic delirium .

United Colors of Naples poster packaging

Sometimes, however, I do them ad hoc, with the inks that I have left over and that I have to use up as soon as possible. I try to imagine something, perhaps related to the poster contained inside.

<em>Other times a cosmic delirium</em>.


I'll show you some of them, I hope you like them, and some of them will give you a little joy, or maybe a little romance at first glance.

Obviously, it will be a surprise!  <3



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