Poster Cuccuruccu, Franco Battiato

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Dimension a4 [21x30]


Poster Cuccuruccu, Franco Battiato

In my second life I was a graphic designer who started as an accountant in a printing house.
To be clear, I am an accountant graduated with forty-two marks from the ITC Antonio Serra in Naples, on Corso Vittorio Emanuele.
But I've really never felt like an accountant.
And in fact, within a week the invoices and delivery notes were flying among the inks and films.
This job isn't for you, shouted Lello, the boss.
And I, Hey, Wait a minute, Boss, can you let me go to the printing shop for a bit, near the machines? I'm an apprentice.
Before there were apprentices, over-exploited, underpaid and victims of hazing by ex-apprentices.
The interns, and they didn't exist!
But me and my yellow 126 were not afraid, we were ready for anything!
And so, I stood near the cars.
The Typography.
The Typography.
Damn, the typography.
There was "only" a two-color offset machine, an old Heidelberg 26×35 for the barrels (hot, dry, die-cutting),
A very small light table, millimetered for recording films and an age-old paper cutter, without any protection.
The acrid smell of the inks, the damp paper and the various "Fans the paper" shouted by the Chromatist before putting it into the machine.
Here, the reels start.
Fix the inkwells, a little cyan. A little magenta, extreme precision, extreme speed.
YES he was always working.
After a while, it was 1996, the first salary, 100,000 lire.
Since you left I no longer exist
"The world is gray the world is blue"

Fedrigoni Acquerello paper 390 gr, C Colored by hand with mixed screen printing inks, Cyan, reflex blue and Turquoise.

Handmade with love.

A word, a song, a color. A memory, a concert, the first time you saw each other, met.

Words to love, words to say, or the words you can't say. The color of that night, of his eyes, of his skin.

Signed, numbered and dated.


UNITED COLORS OF NAPLES Posters are totally customizable. You can choose the text, the phrase or the song and the color. The technique will obviously be manual: the color will be treated by hand with inks, paints, rollers and brushes. For customization you have 4 available lines and 80 characters.

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  • A4 21x29.7
  • 35x50 cm
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Posters Cuccuruccu, Franco Battiato

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