The Words of Naples / Proverbio Campare

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Dimension A4 [21x30cm]


“O ditto antico nun fallisce“, the father of all Neapolitan proverbs. The ancient saying never fails, it always gets it right!

Neapolitan proverbs are, or rather, represent the strength of a thousand-year-old culture now lost in time, of a city unique in the world. Small sentences, short pearls of wisdom that formed, were the educational basis (and still are) of entire generations. The philosophy of a people based on simplicity and events.

Few words, full of meaning, wisdom and experience .

Posters / The Words of Naples / Proverbio Campare

Fedrigoni Acquerello paper 300 g, hand- coloured with Vermilion red lineography or intaglio inks

Limited edition

Handmade with love.

A word, a song, a color. A memory, a concert, the first time you saw each other, met. Words to love, words to say, or the words you can't say. The color of that night, of his eyes, of his skin.

Signed, numbered and dated, Number of copies available 20


UNITED COLORS OF NAPLES Posters are totally customizable. You can choose the text, the phrase or the song and the color. The technique will obviously be manual: the color will be treated by hand with inks, paints, rollers and brushes. For customization you have 4 available lines and 80 characters.

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Available in formats:

  • A4 21x29.7
  • cm35x50
  • cm50x70
  • cm70x100

Posters / The Words of Naples / Proverbio Campare

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