The most iconic of Lucio Dalla's photos.

Italy, Stone Castle Studios, Late seventies.

The most iconic of Lucio Dalla 's photos, the famous shot by Renzo Chiesa .

Italy, Como, late 70s. At the Stone Castle Studios in Carimate, a real castle transformed into a recording studio, Lucio Dalla is recording his next album, Dalla, which will be released in 1980. the photographer Renzo Chiesa contacts artist to have the opportunity to carry out a photographic session during the recording of the album.

The rest is history, and he leaves us with one of the most iconic photos not only of Lucio Dalla , but also of the entire Italian discography and music.

The work Poster

United Colors of Naples, in collaboration and, indeed, above all thanks to the author of the famous photos, Renzo Chiesa , created this poster work by Lucio Dalla , the stracciati series.

50x70 format, colors and inks, red, for intaglio, press impressions, and the photo, torn. Fedrigoni watercolor paper 390 g and old typographical characters.

Limited edition of 20 subjects, signed, numbered and dated by the author of the photo and hallmarked United Colors of Naples .

A unique, exclusive, collectible work.

Leaving aside, and not out of boredom, the importance that Lucio Dalla had, and still has, for Italian culture, and on the occasion of the eightieth anniversary of the birth of Lucio Dalla, born (look at that) on 4 March 1943, we designed, revised and redesigned this poster work, 50x70 format.

The poster work, already framed, is the result of different techniques, not just printing. High thickness paper from the Fedrigoni paper mills, intaglio inks, zinc plates and old movable typographic characters and a photo, one of the most iconic photos of Lucio Dalla, taken by the photographer Renzo Chiesa , in Como, towards the end of the 70s.

And a song, a phrase. I know a place in my heart where the wind always blows, from Cara.

The result is an artisanal poster work, worked by hand, with care, attention and technique. A tear, the torn paper.

Like an image that doesn't want to go away, like a song that always appears at random.

The photographer, Renzo Chiesa

Cremonese by birth, 1951, Milanese by adoption since 1961. Milan, the city of study, development and professional growth. The passion for images had already been born, at the end of the fifties, after the family purchased the first television.

He has photographed, among others: Duke Elligton, Ella Fitgerald, Nina Simone, Miles Davis, Lucio Dalla, Enzo Jannacci, Jimi Hendrix, Paolo Conte, Mina, Giorgio Gaber, Demetrio Stratos, Bob Marley, Frank Zappa, Fabrizio De Andrè. ..[...]

Renzo Chiesa website

Photo printed on 390 g/m2 Fedrigoni Acquerello paper

Colored and handmade poster with intaglio inks


20 copies numbered and signed by the photographer.

Authenticity certificate. Hallmarked United Colors of Naples

Colorful and handmade poster.

intaglio inks, press and movable lead typographical characters.



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