Poster Ossi di Seppia, Eugenio Montale

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dimension A4 [21x30]


Poster Ossi di Seppia, Eugenio Montale

On the ground floor, the grandparents' house.
There was that strange habit of trying to all live close together.
Just before 8pm, a little before serving a plate of probably slightly overcooked pasta.
The kitchen windows fogged up.
The corridor, dark.
The living room with the large window, a round table and wooden chairs around it.
A crystal centerpiece with always something inside.
Maybe dates.
Dark house.
A house that seemed very big to me as a child.
Aunt Carolina on a leather chair with wheels for fifty years.
Grandfather's war medals.
The old clock that kept time very slowly and my grandmother's fast slipper.
I will never forget that warmth always ready to welcome.
Then, punctually but unexpectedly, some beautiful music, which has always worried me in the end.
Indeed, terrified.
The theme song of "The Almanac of the Day After", with its medieval figures, and that obsessive, compulsive and rhythmic pace.
Today, however, it brings a smile to my face with a bitter aftertaste.
Poster Ossi di Seppia, Eugenio Montale
Fedrigoni Acquerello paper 390 gr, C hand colored with yellow screen printing ink and just a little orange. Nostalgic and familiar.

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Handmade with love.

A word, a song, a color. A memory, a concert, the first time you saw each other, met.

Words to love, words to say, or the words you can't say. The color of that night, of his eyes, of his skin.

Signed, numbered and dated.


UNITED COLORS OF NAPLES Posters are totally customizable. You can choose the text, the phrase or the song and the color. The technique will obviously be manual: the color will be treated by hand with inks, paints, rollers and brushes. For customization you have 5 available lines and 20 characters per line.

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Available in formats:

  • A4 21x29.7
  • cm35x50
  • cm50x70
  • cm70x100 (200 g paper)

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